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General Information

  • All entries have to be booked in online
  • Race fees to be paid by PayPal.
  • No entries or payment will be accepted on the day at race control.
  • Booking in online finishes at 8.30 Sunday morning.
  • Any problems see a race official. 
  • Drivers briefing will be done over the microphone from race control.
  • This event is only open to drivers and immeadiate pit crew sorry but its not open to spectators.
  • We cannot post paper results so the club will be operating the BBK LiveTiming system. You can find this on the website Results - Live Results. If you want to view the live timing in full screen please Click Here 


Race Format for the day.

  • We will try to have a practice round this will depend on the numbers booked in.
  • Nitro buggy heats will run 12 mins with 2 min warm up.
  • E buggy heats will run 12 mins with 2 min warm up.
  • Both classes will be the best 2 rounds from 4 to count.
  • Only one pit crew per driver allowed in the pit lane.


PPE and Safety

  • The one way system of entering and leavening the rostrum and pit lane will be vigorously maintained.
  • Drivers to provide there own Hi-Vis vest and sturdy gloves (not latex disposable) for when Marshalling, and sanatiser for their personal use.
  • Drivers and pit crew need to provide there own face masks to wear at all times. Only exceptions to this are; You are in an enclosed space on your own or with people in your family, or support bubble. This includes. Tents, Gazebos, Motorhomes. Cars. Caravans
  • Pit crew to stand by the side of the markers in pit lane which will be approx 1 meter apart.


Pitting and Car park

  • When parking please space your vehicles out as much as you can.
  • Leave the center area of the car park free in case the farmer or emergency services need access.
  • If you pitting in tents are a team gazebo please ensure you maintain the recommended social distance.
  • If you become ill or exhibit any of the covid 19 symptoms at the track please inform a track official and then go home.